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Microcopy: The Complete Guide | eBook (PDF)

Microcopy: The Complete Guide is a handbook for UX writers, designers and friends. It will give you the knowledge and tools needed to write smart, effective and helpful microcopy for all kinds of digital products, with practical guides and dozens of screenshots from actual sites, apps and complex systems. 


Microcopy (UX writing) is all the words on digital products that accompany the user's actions: text on buttons, assistive texts, sign-up pages, error messages (and how to prevent them), control labels, instructions, empty states, success messages and more.

Who will find this book useful? UX writers; UX designers; copywriters; content strategists; product managers; UI designers; digital marketing managers; app and website owners; marketers and sales personnel; small business owners; bloggers; advertisers.


Are you fascinated by the words that light up interfaces? You'll love this book.

Microcopy: The Complete Guide | eBook (PDF)

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